New Prefab home in San Diego County 

The Entire Process Of Completing
A New Mobile Home In San Diego County

Demolishing Old House – Building New House

It is rare to photograph the usable parts of an old mobile home after it has been partly demolished and is
in the process of being transported away. This photo essay shows in detail this reverse process
of prefabricated house construction, followed by the building of a new custom mobile home.

Despite the fact that there are over 1,000 pictures taken from April through June 2011 from a
Mobile Home Park in San Diego County, this website is not a perfect photo diary of the mobile home building process. In places, the correct data is not present. In other places, the images are grouped into smaller thematical units, which sometimes upsets the chronology of the event itself. 

There are many pictures available here for you to see, but it's possible that not every exact detail of the mobile home building was captured through these pictures. I have added short text annotations of a general nature
to the pictures where I thought it was appropriate.

I invite you to watch the pictures and video clips (slide shows) that were taken by a man who is not an architect,
but who followed the events with his camera on hand and enjoyed the process.


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