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Properly Setting The Mobile Home Parts

(The Forest of Piers)


Stabilizing the mobile homes is a must. They are stabilized by using special mobile home parts such as concrete blocks, wedges, pier pads, wooden blocks, and piers as foundation. The number and size of these mobile home parts depends on the size of the house and the type of ground where the mobile house is placed. Mobile houses that are manufactured nowadays use metal piers for better foundation. These metal piers vary in size and are used with pier pads to secure the house itself. It is important to have piers mounted because they are used to support the building’s weight and these metal piers will serve as the house’s feet.

While the parts occupied their places, more accurate work was needed to balance the house. To achieve a perfect balance, many metal piers, tie-down strapping, and frame hooks were used to anchor the parts to the soil and to each other. To compare the use of the piers in the used mobile home and in the new one, hover your mouse over the picture below.

How to set aright and balance the three elements of the new mobile home is documented by eleven pictures and a video clip.

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