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Completing the New Mobile Home

Mobile Home Stairs


In determining the mobile home stairs to use, one can have the choice of the wooden steps mounted on a metal or concrete base or the solid concrete stairways which are heavy and difficult to install. The most preferred types of mobile home stairs currently available are made of fiberglass since they are light, easy to install and quite durable. The different websites in the internet offer many designs and types of mobile home stairs. These are mostly the metal stairs and fiberglass models which are readily prefabricated and can be conveniently packed and shipped to wherever they are needed for installation.

In this manufactured home the builders preferred the wood – the whole system (including the steps and the railings) is made from wood.

The number of the steps that are constructed depends on the vertical distance that the stairs are going to bridge (for instance, compare the staircase on the driveway to the staircase leading to the deck on the right side of the mobile home).

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