Home In the Paradise


A Short Story of Planning and Construction

Perhaps the establishment of mobile home parks in California is the best example of a state giving full support to the manufactured housing program. There are more than 3,200 mobile home parks in California where mobile homes may be established permanently. Senior citizens or those aged 55 or more are given priority and the establishment of senior mobile home parks is the offshoot of government support for the elderly who are interested to live in mobile homes. Senior mobile home parks have a long history in California.

The original mobile home was set up some 35 years ago in an exclusive Senior Country Club in San Diego County. In the Spring of 2011, this old house was replaced by a triple-wide custom mobile house. The main elements of the old house were in acceptable condition, so it was sold to remodel and assemble it again. As a result, only the storage, a part of the roof and the carport were demolished; the main parts were salvaged and transported away. All the work that was involved were captured by a camera, leading to hundreds of pictures that show the demolition of the old mobile home, the transportation of the main elements of the old mobile home that were assembled again on a new site, and the contruction of the new home itself.

See some pictures for a quick overview:

Hover your mouse over the pictures and compare the changes to see how the parts looked BEFORE and AFTER!

Click on the buttons in the left menu to follow this demolishing and building process. The still pictures and video clips (slide shows) follow each other in chronological order and are grouped
in different thematical units.

The pictures are large enough to see details correctly. Maybe many residents who live in mobile homes never saw these parts, elements of their own houses.