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My name is Derek G. Austin. Subscribers of my newsletters may read my short biography in an Introductory e-mail.

I edit private membership sites dealing with the main topics of Home and Family and Ecommerce with special emphasis on audio books and ebooks, and manage some auction websites.

The number of the thematical article portals is growing week by week (see boating, huntingpregnancy, relocating, etc.). 

Video sites cover topics from child birth through radar detector use till free video clips.

You can select downloadable audio bestsellers on my main website covering topics like healthy life, family, English learning, sci-fi, self-hypnosis, poetry, and commerce, to mention only a few.

So many products are on the market! In search for a radar detector, a fireplace or hot see thru lingerie check my auction websites!
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Mail address:
Work-on-Success VRE
2287 Sandstone Cliffs Dr.
Henderson, NV 89044, USA

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If you are interested in my other programs please visit my websites or contact me on the helpdesk.

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